Cost Comparison Calculator


Enter the appropriate info in the yellow cells to see how we compare to what you're currently paying.

Tip 1: If using this calculator or a phone or tablet, turn the device sideways for best results.  Also, if you're having trouble inputting info into the cells, try zooming in and double-tapping the cell.

Tip 2: If you accidentally change the value of any other cell, just refresh the page and start over.


Note: I've included mutual fund expenses in the fee calculation.  You're not directly charged for mutual funds, so you won't actually see mutual fund expenses deducted from your account, but you do pay them.  Mutual funds report their returns "net of fees", so if the fund earned a gross return of 5% and had a 1% expense ratio, your net return would be 4%.  This is an expense that goes overlooked by a lot of investors, but it's part of the all-in cost of having your portfolio managed, so it needs to be included when comparing costs.

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